Welcome to Ama et Bemma. I am a 20something year old English graduate student,Christian, writer, vegetarian, book muncher,and tea-drinking aficionado who lives in the ever-changing New England. 

I have presented at a few academic conferences to present my literary research, and I have published freelance work and poetry in magazines and literary journals like NEOS Magazine, and "Forever Spoken." In the past I have been commissioned to review books for international writers and major publishing houses like Random House. I have a B.A. in English and I am currently a Masters Candidate in English. 

Why Ama et Bemma?

My first name is Ama and my middle name is Bemma. I prefer to be called by both my first and middle name (like Ama-Bemma). I always have to tell people that my name is Ama AND Bemma. What about the "et"? Well, I studied Latin for 5ish years (don't ask me to speak it though!). The "et" means "and" in Latin. 

How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging when I was 13. Some of you may remember me as the anonymous "The Writing Junkie." That blog was a lot of fun, but I have set it to private in recent years. I'm in my twenties and I don't really want anybody to see the conceited and "i'm a great writer" writing thoughts of a 13 year old, haha. I worked on other blogs inbetween that one and this one, but none of them really stuck with me as long as The Writing Junkie did (nor did any of them receive such popularity). This blog is my attempt at consolidating all of my interests into one place. Hopefully it works!

You write about writers, but do you write?

Yes! I have a thing for YA sci-fi novels (with the occasional dash of urban (suburban?) fantasy)! I also write poems, a few of which can be found in some online magazines.

Do you attend any conferences/ events?

Yes, I do! Despite having a rather introverted personality, I do poke my head out from underneath my pile of books and blanket fort to attend some writing and academic conferences. I'm not really one for gala's and book socials, but if you ever see me at any event come on up and say hi!

How can I contact you?
Through social media is great, but you can also send an email to amaetbemma {at} gmail {dot} com

There's a lot in store for this blog so join me on this digital ride. Anchors away!
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