Creative and Academic Work

Academic Work
Titles of paper presentations:

The Power of Sight: Hybridity, Dis (re)orienting and Un(re)defining Africanness in Aidoo's "Our Sister Killjoy" (FORTHCOMING to be presented at the African Literature Association Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on April 6th-9th 2016)

Flowers and Gardens as Emblems of Female Power During the English Renaissance (Presented at MCLA URC Spring 2014)

The Duality of Blackness in Louis Armstrong's "When it's Sleepy Time down South" (Presented at MCLA URC Spring 2015)

the tale of the root of Our tongue/ and how it crossed over the sea; a transnational choreopoem (Presented at COPLAC URC/ NH Fall 2014)

Tension, Ornament, Clarity: A Series of Poems Presented at COPLAC URC/ NH Fall 2014)

Creative Work

"More than Metal" science fiction short story. Honorable mention from Writer's of the Future--Spring 2015

"Cape Coast Castle" poem-- Existentia // Spring 2015
"What is found there" poem-- Existentia// Spring 2015

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