Book Review Policy


Please READ this ENTIRE page. As of 12/4/15, I no longer respond to review requests that ignore my review policy. 

Nota Bene: I will be closed to review requests from May 01- August 31st. The blog will become a space for #ownvoices, Black literature, African literature, and an exploration of what it means to not know just a single voice. Curious about what that means? Check out Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's (author of "Half of a Yellow Sun") TEDTalk on "The Danger of a Single Story."



I am currently CLOSED to review submissions at this time. My reading queue currently stretches all the way until mid-May, so your review would be on Ama et Bemma in Late May/June at the earliest. I am still OPEN for author interviews, guest posts, and Dear Writer submissions etc,

I accept print ARCs, and finished copies. I only read physical PRINT copies. I do not read e-books. I very rarely accept audio books, but you can pitch them to me. (1/18/16--I am currently looking for an audio book to listen to and review in April. Please pitch your audio-books to me). If the book is a part of a series, then I may need the previous books. I do accept self published books from authors I have worked with before or have sought out. Also, if an author, blogger, or person I have worked with before refers you to me then I will be more than happy to accept a submission from a self-published author.

I am also available to work with publicity and book tour companies. If you are a publicity company (not a publishing house/ print/press), please click here to see how we can work together.



I accept Young Adult, Childrens, and New Adult fiction in the following genres: 
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Contemporary 
  • Adult, YA, and NA memoir
  • Adult, YA, and NA Graphic Novels, Comics, Manga
  • Experimental works
  • Poetry of all types
I do not accept the following:
  • Horror
  • Romance
  • Erotica
  • Thrillers 
  • Plays/scripts (unless they are like Shange's "For Colored Girls" hybrid-play). 
  • Picture Books
  • Mystery
  • Adult (unless it is a graphic novel or memoir
If you are in doubt, feel free to send me an email!

I also strongly support diverse books and the diverse people that make them.

I am also interested in books that are diverse (race, gender, nationality etc), and in texts that push the boundaries of genre, or disrupt the typical  paper-back experience with something innovative and interactive. I also have a thing for books (fiction and non-fiction) about Japan that tell the authentic stories of Geisha's pre-WWII. 



What to include in your email to me:
  • Book title
  • Genre and Intended audience (for example YA Sci-fi or NA Historical F etc etc)
  • Word Count
  • Book Cover
  • Social Media Links
  • If you are doing any giveaways or would allow me to facilitate one ( I loveeee to facilitate giveaways) 
  • Referral (if applicable)
  • How you heard about Ama et Bemma
  • A very quick summary (no more than 7 sentences) or your official blurb
  • The subject line should read:  Review Request (TITLE) 
  •  Optional: The first 3-5 pages of your novel 

Email me at amaetbemma [at] gmail [dot] com



cross-post reviews on multiple platforms, such as: Goodreads, Amazong, B&N, Ama et Bemma.

do not accept every submission I receive. I am in grad-school and work 2 jobs. I can only accept reviews that pique my interest, but I do respond to all requests (that follow my request policy) within 7 business days. If you do not get a response from me, your email either: a) did not follow my guidelines; or b) ended up in my spam box. If you think that B occurred, please PM me via goodreads or send me a tweet on Twitter. If you do that, please tell me that you sent me an email but have not heard back from me.

I schedule books reviews weeks to months in advance. Do not expect a review to be up in 3 weeks unless we have discussed otherwise. 

I write fair and honest reviews, but this does not mean I will always write positive reviews. My reviews are my opinion, and if I don’t enjoy a book then my review will reflect that. However, if I loved it, I will yap that from the rooftops of this world. 

Also, I NEVER DELETE my reviews. If I am going to give you a 1-star rating, I most likely will not post the review on my blog and will instead just give it a rating on Goodreads. Emails requesting this will most likely be deleted and left unanswered. If you spam me, I will block you. 

Also, sometimes we receive a book that we just can't give a good review for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we ask the author to do a guest post or interview with us instead. It is never out intention to purposely and maliciously put out bad reviews. However, that is not to say that our interviews are for 1 to 2-star books. Many of our blog interviews are planned months in advance. We just like to give this option out to authors as we see fit. 


All reviews will include the following: 
  • Cover art
  • Book stats: Title, author, publisher, page count, release date, series status, links to author's social media
  • Where I received the book
  • My review: What I liked and didn't
  • Star rating

I  use the GoodReads star-rating system as a frame for my rating system. 
1 star 1 star – I didn’t like it. I couldn't finish it. I wouldn't recommend it. 
2 stars 2 stars – it was OK. Maybe I finished it. Maybe the writing wasn't the best, or perhaps I just couldn't "click" with the text. There were many issues (character, plot, scenery etc)
3 stars 3 stars – liked it. At the very least, I finished the whole book. I enjoyed it. I might not pick it up for a 2nd or 3rd read in the future, but I enjoyed it while I read it. There might have been 1 or 2 issues with the book (plot, character etc), but they weren't bad enough for me to put the book down. 
4 stars 4 stars – really liked it. I would actually even recommend it to others! It was a good, however there may be one small error.
5 stars 5 stars – it was amazing. It will receive a "holy" spot on my bookshelf next to Milton, Rowling, Raynd, Lowry, and all of my poetry books. 

Also, I NEVER DELETE my reviews. If I am going to give you a 1-star rating, I most likely will not post the review on my blog and will instead just give it a rating on Goodreads. Emails requesting this will most likely be deleted and left unanswered. 

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