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"Five Seven Five: The Boy with Words" by C.E. Wilson || Book Review

65k Words| YA mixed with sci-fi, fantasy, 
dystopian and paranormal 

I think that I will start off this way—C.E. Wilson, I need a sequel for this book to be written immediately.

White Frost lives in a rigid society and has spent her whole life learning about the Creators and the world that they come from. Her world has no moons, no horizons, and no bright colors. It seems dull and washed out. White obviously seeks more; She wants to be a Chosen—a person that can go into the world of the Creators. She, too, wants this freedom. She wants to explore the unknown, but an accident occurs that creates a whirlwind of events that cause her to find out the truth about herself, her world, and the creators themselves. White soon realizes that the world written for her in the scriptures of her society have been a lie, and so much more exists outside the confines of her society.

I grew to deeply love White and her cousin Shade. The bond those two have is strong and Wilson’s writing is able to draw out the emotion of that relationship very well. The other interactions and relationships that White has with the other characters are drawn out pretty well. Wilson has a talent for making her characters more than characters...she makes them real in the minds of her readers. I can recall the names and mannerisms of five of the characters within the book. This is a good thing because Wilson has a slew of minor, background characters (who almost seem like props in the novel), but she has a few characters at the forefront that push the action along. This movement is exhilarating, and every twist and jump that this novel takes is moved forward by the characters. Some books are word driven, others are plot driven, but “Five Seven Five” seems to be very heavily character driven. Although the book had a slow start (and for good reason, as I soon found out), I was quickly hooked not by the story itself (even though my curiosity kept my eyes racing along the sentences) but because I was invested in White and her emotions.

(really light spoiler) “Five Seven Five” deals a lot with the importance of imagery and color. Although I saw the importance of this in the emotional reactions of White, I did not feel as if I saw those same things in my mind. For instance, I still can’t visualize what White’s society looks like, nor can I visualize how her dorm/room looks like. can't visualize what White’s society looks like. I wish that I had more of an understanding of the visual details of the various settings. When it comes to the imagery of things (places, objects), I sense some gaps. I somehow feel like the naivety of White could have been shown through the emotional power that Wilson presented while still allowing there to be more vivid and detailed imagery in the novel. This is truly one of the only  faults I found with “Five Seven Five: The Boy with Words.” I honestly did love it, and I am so wrapped up in White’s life and enthralled by her world that I feel like I desperately need a sequel of some sort. White, Kel, Shade, Salt, and Pepper (the main characters we see in the text) do not feel like characters, they feel like people. A huge part of this book was about discovery. I discovered a lot about White and her goals and dreams. I just wish I could have discovered her world a bit more (hence, why I need a sequel! I need her world to be fleshed out!)

“Five Seven Five: The Boy with Words” will grab your attention. It will force you to read each line and flip the pages quickly. It is a fast paced, energetic read that will leave you begging to know more. I am giving this book a 3.5 star rating. On Goodreads and Amazon, I will be giving it a 4 since I can not give half stars on those websites. Click here to learn more about what a 3.5 star rating means to me.  
When an accident threatens White Frost’s only chance of learning the truth about her rigid society, she knows that she has to take a risk. Putting her faith in someone she barely knows, White discovers a world above her own – and bigger than she could have ever imagined. It is in this strange new world that she finds out there is so much more to life than darkness and candlelight. There are colors and light that match the mysterious collections of words that have been tantalizing her for months. Blue skies that leak tears. Green grass that expands to a horizon she can’t comprehend. Everything she’s ever wanted is right in front of her, but at what cost? Nothing is free and she begins to realize too late that all information comes at a price.

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C.E.  WilsonC.E. Wilson is currently living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband, beautiful daughter, a chubby beagle and two cats. They are all the loves of her life. When she’s not writing young adult fantasy novels, she enjoys writing short stories on her Deviant Art page. She loves to write stories involving giants and little people (also known as GT) and she can't decide what she loves more: horror movies or shoujo manga. She has a bachelor's degree in English Education so she has a soft spot for older literature authors including John Milton, William Shakespeare, and stories such as Paradise Lost and Beowolf. On a side note, nothing helps her to write more than drinking good beer and watching The Twilight Zone.

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