Thursday, December 3, 2015

New Year, New Books Blog Tour

This year will be a year of many firsts here at Ama et Bemma. I plan on hosting a free blog tour for authors who want to get some more hits for their books via search engines, want more exposure, and want to (potentially!!) get some readers who will want their book! The aim is to drum up some anticipation for books that will be released in 2015; hence the tour name--New Year, New Books!

Name of Tour: New Year, New Books Blog Tour
Dates of Tour: January 4th-11th

The sign-up process is mega easy. There are three categories that can be signed up for:
  • Tour Host  - A blogger that will pick a day and a book to talk about on their blog and social media outlets. I will provide you with a media kit! I will be the middle person between you and the author. So if you want interviews, guest posts, or just to do a promo, we can work out the logistics so that it's easy on both you and the author!
  • Author- Hey! You're the person that has written the book (awesome!) and wants some more exposure. The deadline to sign up as an author is December 20th.
  • Influencer- You're an amazing person that doesn't really have the time to make a post (or maybe you don't have a blog), but you want to be involved because you love writers and books! Maybe you have a facebook, instagram, or twitter. You could just tweet, gram, and facebook about whatever book catches your interest! 

I will also be giving away a $25 gift card to B&N or Amazon (your choice), to anybody that signs up as an influencer or a tour host! Participants will be entered into this for a chance to win!

Get people talking about this by using the hashtag #NYNB2016

Are you interested? Cool! Sign up below!

This should be really exciting and fun! It will give authors some exposure and give bloggers some content. It's a win win for everyone! I need at least 10 Authors and at least 20 Bloggers to make this work! Sign up and share this with your other author and blogger friends!
Have you ever participated in a blog tour, and what books are you excited for in the upcoming year? Tell me in the comments!
Much Love and Peace,
p.s. This blog is still under construction. The official launch will happen in a few more weeks!
p.s.s. In the meantime, feel free to sign up for updates via the email sign-up button to the left of the blog!

12/4/15 Update: We have hit wayyy over the minimum number of authors needed in just a few hours! Wow! Please feel free to keep submitting your books to be promo'd!! BUT, I need at least 9 more tour hosts  (bloggers) for this to go on! We also have a few influencers, but more would be great!!


  1. Replies
    1. Send me an email by the 30th with your blog URL and the number of books you can host!

  2. Sorry to see the form close. Have fun with your tour!

    1. Denae, i'll be hosting another one in the summer! Follow this blog so that you can stay in the loop! :D


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