Tuesday, March 8, 2016

10 Reasons why your non-writing friends think you're crazy

Oops, i'm a day late for my weekly posts. The past week has been the craziest most exhilarating one of my life so far. It's very exciting and it's writing related, but I dare not share anything until March 15th/16th. Oh, you're curious about what's going on? I'll just leave you hanging for another two weeks :P

In other news...
I thought that I would share all the reasons why us writers are seen as crazy by our friends. I hope that you think it's as funny as I do (just laugh after every punch line). Please feel free to add your own in the comments section!!

1)  You read far too many books. Actually, you probably like books more than people. Your significant other, family, and friends  have slowly become resigned to this reality.

Pro-tip: Just don't take your manuscript out on dates.

2) As you write, you begin to squint into the bright light that is your laptop screen. You hunch over in your chair and you don't move for hours. You sweat profusely as you think.  Your sister may poke your face to see if you're still alive. You are. Don't glare at her. Instead, smile and forcefully say that you're spending time with bae (aka manuscript).

3) You talk to to your characters (as if they're there... because they are! duhh) because it helps you figure out scenes and dialogue.
Pro-tip: You'll look less crazy if you hold up a cellphone and pretend to talk into it..that is, unless it begins to ring. If that happens, just smile and pick up the call.

4) You have copious cups of tea stacked up on your writing desk. Why are you drinking so much tea? Why does it occur while you are writing?  Is there even such a thing as drinking too much tea?!

5) You've written a 300 page document. Your friends (who are mostly STEM majors...btw, y'all are amazing) write 10 page research papers and call it a day. They seriously try to figure out why you're so happy about writing. It makes no sense to them. Instead they tell you to go do a math problem... and then you cry because you hate math.

7) You send letters to people you don't know. You send a couple dozen, or a couple hundred, or a couple thousand (have any of you ever sent out more than 100 query letters?!) letters to people. You're not creepy for doing this. You are totally normal. I vibe with you on many levels.

8) You're 20-something years old, but your wrists are so messed up from typing that you have to wear double braces every so often. Most people would stop whatever's causing the pain (as my doctors insisted). I just ignored them and decided to work out my tiny wrists instead (curl soup cans while your reading a book. It will do wonders for you!).
Pro-tip: Stop typing like this--->

9) You spend long stretches of time in an imagined world rather than the real one.

10) You sit around plotting out how to make your characters miserable. What normal person purposely plots out road blocks for others?
Pro-tip: Just rejoice in the fact that you're not R.R. Martin.

But when it comes down to it...
so you wouldn't have it any other way.

Do you have some  you want to share?

Thanks for reading.
Much Love,

p.s. This was written in good humor. I doubt that any of my non-writing family/friends think i'm crazy...or maybe they do and they're just too nice to tell me? *shrugs*
p.s.s. Next week, i'll be sharing a guest post. The following week, i'll make a joyful announcement (maybe i'll wait for the following week...) and then the week after, i'll have a book review for you.
p.s.s.s. I am closed to new book requests for the time being. Any authors whose books I have yet to review are still in my queue and will be read and reviewed asap :)


  1. Ha ha, I absolutely love this list! I know that there are some of my friends and family who think I am absolutely nuts and then there are the few who KNOW it ;)

    1. I'm glad that you found this to be funny! Also, I totally agree with the last sentiment :P

      Thanks for dropping by, Heidi!!


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