Sunday, April 3, 2016

Start that Idea Today|| Last Post Before Summer

Hello, friends and readers!

I'm alive! I promise! 
I haven't been blogging for the past few weeks. Yes, I know; that's terrible. I do have reviews that need to go up (many thanks to the authors for being so patient with me), I have guest posts to write on other book blogs. I have fun posts for here. I have stuff to share! I've just been so busy lately.  
Did you ask why? Well, the reason is quite simple. I've been playing around with a new story idea. I've been allowing it to germinate in my mind. I've shared the idea aloud with my sister (who called it the best of both of my prior novels). This makes me excited. Really excited. Like I stay up all night thinking and I walk around in a daze daydreaming about my characters excited. But...

 I've been delaying the writing process. I have no clue why. I think i'm scared to start something new. If I do start something, i'll end up just throwing myself into it like a crazy person. I worry that my idea may be no good. I worry that my writing abilities haven't grown over the past few months (which is a total lie. My skills have gotten better. I know it inside, and my writing reflects that). I feel this may be the case because I didn't properly research into surrounding my last book with good and kind people and resources and that my chops weren't that good. That means a host of things, but I would rather not dwell upon negatives. What I will share is that, it is very important to surround yourself with good people. Good Beta readers. Good Beta readers who will tare you to shreds if need be. Research good literary agents, (or if you're into the indie market) good editors and equally good publishers. However, before you even do that, make sure you write a good book. 

But here's the thing: I know that my new idea is good; I know I can write a novel because I've done it a couple of times already. I now know how to surround myself and my books with good people, because I found some on my last book-creating journey. I know how to write a good book, because I got some of the most kind and most real feedback on my last one. Last night, I was scrolling through Facebook (which is something I actually very rarely use and very frequently deactivate), and I saw the status posted below:
I truly do apologize for not citing this. If this is your image, please leave a comment so that I can cite you.  This message (God bless whomever wrote this) really points out to me that my fear is unnecessary. I need to build in order to see my goals come to fruition. I need to write despite some strangled (unnecessary) fear. This message is that I need to have the faith that I can build something (my dreams, goals etc). 

Sometimes as writers, we get writers block. Sometimes we start writing and then life gets in the way. Sometimes we feel that out own ideas are too ambitious for us to complete. Personally, I have set aside stories and have titled the word documents "Come back when you're a better writer." There's no shame in doing that. You just need to make sure that you actually go back to that story. You have to make sure that you trust your skills. Funny aside, I recently had a professor tell me that my constant switching to the passive voice (and, I assume, using the second-person) is just my way of pushing the weight of a topic off from myself and, instead, flinging it into the air (not the exact words used, but that's the way i'm putting it for myself).  So in this post, although I use terms like you and I use the passive voice, I am really directing everything at myself. So here are some first person mantras:

I must start the action if I want a response.
I must write (despite that quickly fading voice nagging in the back of my head) if I want to succeed. 
I must start working on that idea today.
If I want something I have to go after it with every fiber of my being. 
I am more than a conqueror.

What are you working on? What's your fear as a writer? Do you feel that you can relate? Let me know below :) <3

Sending Oodles of Excellence, Bravery, Hope, Ideas, Free Writing Time, Copious Cups of Tea and Joy Your Way,
Much Love,

p.s. I'll get some reviews up over the next few weeks! I'm also closed to book review requests for a while. I have some books to catch up on and I want to give my attention to the authors in my queue. I'll still, however, be open for guest-posts (on my blog and on other blogs!), and I am always looking for authors to participate in my "Dear Writers" series!

p.s.s. The blog will be down over the summer. Sorry! I'm getting started on PhD applications and my Masters thesis, and i'm also focusing on reading more African literature for these next few hot months. My email is always open for you guys!! *many hugs*


  1. I know exactly what you mean! For me, it's usually a fear of starting a new project to add to my 57 other projects I'm working on ....

    Thing is, though, if you have a brilliant idea, sometimes it's worth setting aside your other projects to work on that one. I've found this with the YA novel I've been working on for the past six months. It's taken time away from my main series, but I felt that it had to be written. Sometimes it's a matter of figuring out which stories are important to write now, and which ones can wait.

    1. Ellie,
      I agree! Sometimes it's hard to figure out what to put down and what to work on. I wish that I could just flip a coin in order to figure that out, haha. It's good that you're able to do that!

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. My struggle is finding time between work, the kids, the hubby, marketing and life. I have found programs like Nano and My 500 Words help give me outside accountability. Sometimes multitasking is hard!


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